Level 2 – Advanced Co-Parenting Class


ATTENTION: Due to public health guidelines and concerns for safety of our instructors and participants, we are only offering our Level II class in a live webinar format via Zoom.

Class description

An Advanced Class –

Please email us at parentingafterdivorce@gmail.com for registration information

Co-Parenting After Divorce – Level II is a four-session class offered to divorcing, divorced and never-married parents who live apart. It is a skills-based class that parents can attend either together OR separately.

It is designed for parents who want to improve a co-parenting relationship that is working fairly well, as well as for those parents who have more difficulty getting along. Parents will learn skills and strategies needed to successfully communicate and work together to form the foundation of a businesslike co-parenting relationship which will benefit their children.

What co-parents will learn:

  • Utilizing a code word
  • Reframing communication
  • Using “I” messages
  • The use of polite requests
  • Empathy and respectful self-expression
  • The power of encouragement
  • Reflective listening
  • Recognizing and avoiding communication blocks
  • Problem-solving process and negotiation
  • How to conduct focused business meetings and family meetings in each home

Q & A

What is the purpose of the Advanced Level 2 class?

  • This class is led by two experienced, mental health professionals who teach co-parents skills designed to lower the conflict, lower the risk of continued litigation, and protect children from long-term exposure to high family stress.

Won’t attending with my co-parent cause us to have more conflict?

  • The class is highly structured. The group leaders are well trained in making sure the class is safe and participants behave appropriately. Early in the first class, many co-parents shift their focus from their conflict to working toward a business like relationship for the sake of their children.

How much does it cost?

  • The cost is $300 per person. In some case, the cost may be lower if need can be demonstrated.

What is the time commitment?

  • The class meets on four consecutive Monday’s from 5:30 PM to 7 PM over the course of one month.

Where does the class meet?

  • Currently, the class is only meeting via Zoom.

Can I attend alone or do I have to attend with my co-parent?

  • Either is okay.

What are the benefits?

  • Your children benefit the most by your attending this class. You’ll have the opportunity to learn to disagree with your co-parent in a respectful manner and develop tools to successfully negotiate agreements.

What are the risks?

  • Some co-parents struggle with hopelessness and poor motivation. Not everyone benefits from the class. Co-parents are NOT encouraged to take the class if there is ongoing litigation.

When is the deadline for reserving my spot in the class?

  • In order to reserve your spot, we must receive payment. The deadline for this payment is one week before the date of your first class.  Without such payment, we cannot guarantee your spot.

Will we resolve our legal issues during the class?

  • This class is focused on teaching you communication skills, not resolving your legal issues. The best antidote for chronic legal problems with a co-parent is often (not always) learning to have a more collaborative, business-like relationship.

Please email us at parentingafterdivorce@gmail.com for registration information